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GB Embossing Support Services
GB Embossing customer support
GB Embossing works with you on every step of your project. From pattern design to completion.


The people of GB Embossing are committed to providing the highest quality products and services in the marketplace – on time, efficiently, and in a safe work environment. This will result in total customer satisfaction: thereby creating opportunities for greater personal satisfaction and financial growth of its employee.

We strive to achieve absolute customer satisfaction as a leader in providing embossing solutions to the tissue and non-wovens industry.

• Experienced professional staff to serve you.

• Support technicians to assist your every need - pre and post sale

• Utilize the latest laser technology standards that exceed the most stringent expectations.

• Incorporate Full CAD/CAM capability.

• On site repair for tissue and non woven industry. We use our proprietary welding process to repair thermal bond calendar rolls for the non woven industry.

• Rebuild rolls and rebuild embossing machines.

• Offer customized embossing machinery to meet your specific need.

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